The Old Shipping Office – Akaroa 

 "A luxury historic building that has been transformed into Beautiful Accommodation"


2012 highley commended Heritage restoration award.

"While of timber construction overall the Office facades imitates traditional stone construction on 3 sides which never fails to draw comments from tourists and visitors alike. It is one of the best examples of this type of building in New Zealand. The Office has been converted to accommodation as adaptive re-use and after the damaging 2011 earthquake it was carefully restored using native timbers sourced in Akaroa for recreating the mouldings. Extensive strengthening was carried out and the main facade tied back into the main structure."

The Old Shipping Office is set in the heart of Akaroa, explorations of the quaint village life at your feet! - the influences of the original french settlers preserved in the delightful mix of boutique shopping, art galleries, craft stores, and exquisite dining experiences.

The Spa adorned bathroom in the historic building now transformed with the colours and delights of the harbours magical glows at sunset!

And an original shipping window facing church street for our passerbys , holds an installation piece that steps a keyhole piece and a sky piece, the stepping provokes curiosity as different angels from the eyes show different details on the birds and their beautiful feast of stolen fish and chips!  ( a public hidden gem of curiosity, perfectly at children's height!)


The Old Shipping Office Bathroom

Delight the eyes and imagination as you relax in the spa looking out to a sun set harbour!

The Old Shipping Office Window

A Little magic on the street, a hidden gem, through the old shipping keyhole one alters the angel of their neck to gaze into the bright  skys, alive with the mischief behaviour of seagulls!

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