Frankie Bakker BFA


Dual citizen: The Netherlands / New Zealand

Frankie Bakker is a painter living and working in New Zealand. Her contemporary play on ideas and symbolism are often humorous, sometimes sensual and sometimes breathtakingly detailed. Bakker studied at Elam Fine Arts in Auckland focusing on the oppression and stigmas of the world and delving into the meanings of hedonism and the flavours of 'what' freedom from idealism looks like. - Here came the bird's head representing this life without the chaos of idealism. Free to sing and dance when everyone is watching. Wallpaper is often her canvas quietly reminding us that there is always a history behind every move, thought or object. Her works are periodically exhibited in galleries and libraries in NZ and her mural works adorn public places like streets, hotels, tennis courts, and campsite kitchens, extending to the Kofu Yamanashi Zoo in Japan.

Past highlights include, but are not limited to taking part as an artist for the Pop Up Penguin Project, and creating ‘Gateway To The Peninsula.’ Bakker raised $17,500 for Cholmondeley Children's Centre at the charity auction with her Penguin. The overall Auction raised $1,000,000.

  • Two artist residencies in Japan Kofu Yamanashi, where Bakker presented a solo exhibition, and undertook an extensive project involving the entire community in the painting of murals over Kofu Yuki Park Zoo. Further to this, Bakker has carried out personal art projects in India and Bali. (2013 and 2014)

  • Bakker has had work exhibited in the New Brighton Library, 2021, featured in Events pages in ChCh, as well as having successfully taken part in the Christchurch Art Show.

  • She was a finalist in the 2021 Cleveland Art Awards and the Lysaght Watt Art Awards in Hawera, and is currently in stage 2 of the international open call for the artist platform, Coca Centre of Contemporary Artists
  • A community project in Little River, Creating two murals (June and November 2021) which involved the children from the Little River School, bringing their creative ideas to life. This project's initial funding came from the Creative NZ Community round 2020, with further funding and sponsorship from the Wairewa board and the Christchurch City Graffiti Team.
  • Painting telecommunication cabinets in Christchurch sponsored by Chorus working alongside Christchurch City Council Graffiti team. (Colombo Street -Dec 2021, Halswell Junction Rd- Sept 2022, A&P showgrounds - Oct 2022,  Fitzgerald Ave- Dec 2022.)
  • Art teacher term three 2022
  • Art gallery assistant 2022- Current
  • Illustrator, designer and editor of Adultery an Artful Affair, a book collaboration with Colette O’Kane, Published December 2024. 
  • Christchurch Community House Mural, Mentor, designer and artist for an on-site mural with students from Christ College in Christchurch. Funded by Creative NZ, Resene and Christchurch City Council Graffiti Team.
  • 2024, working towards a solo exhibition, scouting out new creative opportunities, and networking. Planning book readings for Adultery An Artful Affair, And travel opportunities.  

A passion for books and literature resulted in self-publishing in fine arts, with the honour to have some limited edition prints in the special collections of the Auckland Library, and in the Elam Fine Arts Library.

Frankie was interviewed for a two-page editorial for ‘Our People’ in The Bay Harbour News in April 2021 - highlighting her commitment and passion for creative living.

Frankie Bakker Reference Quotes.

“Frankie Bakker has an overflowing amount of creativity and demonstrates big ideas with the power and excellent capability too (sic) undergo negotiation in a foreign country to fulfill (sic)  projects”. (Izumi San AIRY Kofu Yamanashi Director - translated from Japanese)

“I would highly recommend Frankie for any projects requiring artistic skills, creativity, community involvement, innovative thinking and working with a wide range of people. She is a delightful and talented young woman and I wish her all the best for her future endeavours’ ( Jane Harrison - Community Development Advisor)

Artistic Involvements


April Ongoing - Little River Gallery Assistant (March 2022 - 2024)

April Ongoing - Original Art and Prints Exhibited in the Little River 

Gallery Store

March                                           Adam portrait awards entrant

                                                        See me Alter Ego entrant

January Ongoing liaising with RLNZ and New Brighton Community around viable mural strategies.                  

House renovation project, and house staged with framed originals for the same and marketing. 


December Adultery An Artful Affair published and stocked in local galleries and book shops.

November Christchurch Community house mural 

April Ongoing editing an Artful Affair for Publishing deadline

March Painting Illustrations for An Artful Affair (May 2021 - March 2023)


November -Reefton Motor Camp Kitchen Mural

-Vodafone Telecommunications Box Mural (Fitzgerald Ave, Christchurch)

October -A and P Showgrounds Electricity Box Mural (Christchurch)

September -Chorus Box Art mural (Halswell Highway, Christchurch)

May -Limited edition prints at Little River Gallery

March -Little River Gallery Shop assistant (continues)

January -Art Exhibition with ongoing card sales Village Art (Little River ,Canterbury)


February -Mural Little River tennis courts Side A - (CreativeNZ Community Grant)

-1st selection Coca Art Residency/project proposal - Finalists Awarded July

March -Art Exhibition at New Brighton Library - showcasing ‘Unwind’



May -WYSGAHT Trust Art Award ‘Finalist’ - ‘Lift’ Exhibit at Dunedin Train Station 

July - September     -Term Three    Art class Little river (6-9 year olds)

August  -Black Horse Media Art Show at The Wigram Historic Hotel

-Mural and Installation piece at The Old Shipping Office in Akaroa

September -Mural Little River tennis courts Side B - Little River School Community 

 mural completed with a shared morning tea.

November -Chorus box completed, Colombo and Morehouse ave.

December -Akaroa Community Arts exhibition 


August -Akaroa community arts exhibition

October -Creative Community Grant Funding Granted - Little Rive Community Mural project

November -Commissioned a Pop up Penguin Sculpture 



-Murals at Youth specialty services Christchurch 


-Oxford street art exhibition – out of reach –menagerie –simple pleasures 


-Volunteer teacher aid at Christchurch Rudolf Steiner year 13 art students. 


August -Top 10 – miniature kitchen competition. NZ 

-Top 6 – wilderness magazine flag design. NZ 

October -Invitation for ‘mouse hole’ to be featured at Boston ALA book fair Accepted.USA

December -Welcome to the jungle – 1st Thursdays, Skateboard design exhibition. Christchurch,NZ 

-Miniatures at Tin Palace art gallery ( group exhibition)


February -‘Roots’ art exhibition Lyttleton NZ 

March -‘Introduction to flight’ AIRY, Kofu Yamanashi, JP 

April -Art teacher twice a week, one on one, and a class of three JP. 

May ‘-Kofu Yuki Zoo Park Project’ – Murals on zoo walls. Community involvement, - Kofu Yamanashi, JP 

-‘Kofu 2014’ Diary works and documentations of the ‘Kofu Yuki Park Project’ - Solo Art exhibition at 

Motoazabu G Gallery, Kofu Yamanashi JP 

-Yamanshi Newspaper publications, live National TV interviews and radio interviews. JP 

October -‘BraveHeart’ Exhibition. Featuring 5 panels Auckland, NZ 

-Ponsonby News interview publication Auckland, NZ 

November -Arts for Health, ‘scales’ (group exhibition) Hamilton, NZ 

-Tin palace, ‘It’s our World’ Featuring ‘Turkey’ and ‘Chicken’ (group exhibition) Lyttelton, NZ 


May   -Tao Jam label Design, JAPAN

  -AIRY art exhibition, JAPAN

June  -Zamorins art exhibition, INDIA

July  -Strobe Exhibition, Auckland, NZ 

August -‘Transit of Dreams’ Art Exhibition Tin Palace Lyttelton, NZ  

-RPD fashion week look book design and casting ‘uniform’

October -‘Andersons Park Annual Spring Art Exhibition’, Invercargill, NZ

-Mural, FlatPack Store, Newmarket NZ 

-‘Arts for Health’ Competition and exhibition, Hamilton NZ 

November -‘In miniature’ Tin Palace Art Exhibition, Lyttleton NZ

December -‘Present’ Tin Palace Art Exhibition, Lyttleton NZ 

-‘End of Year Show’ Circle Gallery, Newmarket, Auckland, NZ 



-Folk Dancing Series, CD cover illustrations and design 

Book publications.  

Stocked at various places including 

  • Elam Fine Arts Library, Auckland city library, New Zealand Natinal library Book deposit 

  • Pathfinder(Auckland),  
  • Recognition on TVNZ breakfast show broadcast. 

Book titles

  • Nut muffin. A recipie book 
  • Tell me a tale 
  • Mouse hole 
  • An Artful Affair 

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