Whats the idea behind An Artful Affair

What’s The Idea

The central aim of this project is to fully develop and utilize the collaboration between Frankie Bakker and Colette O’Kane, bringing together the poetry of O’Kane and the evocative art of Bakker in order to produce a high-quality fine art publication, accompanied by a book launch and a tour. Frankie’s innovative, unique art, raises the narration of the story of a love affair, provoking a deeper, more meaningful and personal response from the audience.

An Artful Affair is a woman’s story told in the form of erotic poetry and images.  It is an intertwined, emotional but sometimes humorous story of an illicit affair that begins lightheartedly, no strings, no expectations, until lust turns to love, creating vulnerabilities, greater risk of exposure, as well and uncertainties and a fluctuating imbalance of power.  Emotions become more erratic, and disappointments threaten the strong attachment between the lovers, before the woman finds her way back to who she had always been, a storyteller.  Because of this, she is often and unreliable narrator, struggling to separate herself from the story and the art.

The title plays upon the word, ‘artful,’ including the tongue in cheek link to the ‘Artful Dodger’ of Dickens’ Oliver Twist (fully explained in the supporting document: Title Analysis) for this is a very different story to that wherein the Artful Dodger takes his place in the literary history!

Colette O’Kane and Frankie Bakker, who will be promoting their collaboration by networking all around Aotearoa/NZ working to establish connections in the art scene.

Exhibitions and readings will be carried out by the writer and the artist to promote a uniquely romantic idea of creative story writing to a wider, more diverse audience, throughout Aotearoa/NZ, both within cities and local regions, presenting and reading at various venues of interest.  It is the intention to present and promote this work of artistic literature, but also to demonstrate that creative ideas can be turned into reality.

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